The PU coating dome type labels has a printed design base which is covered with thick coating of polyurethane. The Dome Label (PU Coating Labels) are eye-catching and given a dome type look. The dome type labels gives a 3 dimensional look. The thick clear polyurethane coating makes the label more durable and appealing. The 3D appearance makes the label more visible and enhances the design and text printed on it.

Range Of PU Coated Dome Type Labels :

  • Metal Labels (Dome Type)
  • Paper Labels (Dome Type)
  • Vinyl Labels (Dome Type)

The polyurethane is UV resistant preventing the labels from yellowing or discolouring and cracking. Dome labels is resistant to chemical, solvents and from scratches. The dome type labels can be used on cell phones, computers, refrigerator handles, for brand nameplates.