Graphic Overlay are ideal for recessed moldings, switch assemblies, or front panel graphics. They are printed on the underside (sub-surface) of chemical and abrasion resistant plastic materials.

Design features that can be incorporated include: backlit-deadfronted - LED/LCD display window areas, selective surface texturing, embossing, zoned adhesive, hardcoating, color matching and/or 4-color process printing.

Standard thicknesses range from 0.005" to 0.030", with other gauges, backing plates or assembly services avaialble upon request.

Die cutting utilizes economical steel rule dies that can be accurate to +/-.005". In-house lasers can be used (without tooling) for prototype or intricate cutting.

Glossy, Matte, Textured, Brushed, and Selectively Textured finishes are available. Graphic Overlay are used in variety of industries like Weighing scale, Appliances, Instrumentation ,Medical Field, Computers, Electronics ,HVAC.