We are an established name in metal label. We use raw material of higher standards such as P.S. plates, inks, solutions & chemicals to maintain corporate standard. This combined with efficient engineers, computer experts and skilled work force make the entire process fast and full proof and complete the job well before deadline which in turn keeps our cost affordable.

Range Of Metal Labels
There are basically three ranges of metal labels, aluminium, brass, and stainless steel. We make use of best quality raw materials and the finished product are inspected to small details. We can make labels with logo and text in any colours.

  • Aluminium Anodized Labels
  • Brass Labels
  • Stainless Steel Labels

Aluminium Anodized Labels Aluminium anodised labels are less expensive and because of its ductile nature, the labels can be bent, embossed, stamped or machined. The metal can be treated with some polishing chemicals by anodizing to prevent the corrosion.

The etched aluminium labels can be used in badges, rickshaws, cars, motor bikes, luggages, and in industrial machineries. The printed labels can be used in weighing scales, meter dials, weighing charts. The anodised labels are used basically for name plates, typewriters, CD players and other electronic items. The embossed and engraved labels can be used in door name plates, exhibition display items, instruments, control panels etc.

Brass Labels
Brass labels can cut, etched, and embossed. They are used in gift articles, award plates, weighing balances, corporate company name plates, big boards.

Stainless Steel Labels
Stainless Steel labels is a strong metal and more durable. It is used in industries like fabricating industry, vessels, chemical plants.